Portsmouth neighborhoods see increase in car break-ins

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) — Earlier this week, Portsmouth resident Rickey Foreman caught burglars breaking into his vehicle on camera.

Foreman shared the security camera footage with 10 On Your Side in hopes of finding out who committed the crime.

“I wanted people to know what these guys look like. If they’re walking around, I want people to be on alert,” Foreman said.

Foreman lives in the Prentis Park neighborhood. But his area isn’t the only one that has been hit by criminals.

Detective Misty Holley said the crime is on the rise all over the city.

“We started seeing the spike in July,” said Detective Holley. “We started seeing the spike somewhere in the Port Norfolk Area, lake shores area, and it gravitated to the Churchland area.”

Car break-ins have spiked in 2016, police say

Holley said there have been 365 vehicle larcenies since June 1 and many occurred with unlocked vehicles.

“What we’re trying to do to relay to our citizens is not give the criminals the advantage,” she said.

Holley said it’s important for residents to lock their car doors and to remain vigilant, like Foreman, to cut down on the crimes.

“We’re asking them to take their belongings, all their things personal, everything they hold dear to them out of their vehicles,” she said. “Every time they get out, make sure their windows are rolled up, lock your doors, and if you see someone in your neighborhood you don’t recognize who’s not normally in your neighborhood, give us a call.”

Holley also said residents should not leave spare keys to vehicles inside their cars and to call dispatch if they see someone acting suspicious any time of the day or night.

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