Sara Dosho completes Japanese sweep on first day of women’s wrestling

Sara Dosho

Japan continued its dominant in women’s wrestling, going 3-for-3 in gold medals on the opening day of women’s freestyle wrestling.

The third came from Sara Dosho, who dethroned the reigning Olympic and world champion, Russia’s Natalia Vorobeva, to win gold in the 69kg division.

Earlier in the session, Dosho’s compatriots Eri Tosaka and Kaori Icho had won their respective weight classes in dramatic finishes. Dosho followed suit, getting a two-point takedown in the final minute of her match with Vorobeva to bring the score from 2-0 to 2-2. Because Dosho’s two-point score was better than either of Vorobeva’s one-point scores, Dosho won the match on criteria.

Since women’s wrestling debuted on the Olympic program in 2004, there have now been 15 gold medals awarded in the sport. Japan holds 10 of them.

Kazakhstan’s Elmira Syzdykova and Sweden’s Jenny Fransson claimed the two bronze medals. Fransson’s medal was the first-ever for Sweden in women’s wrestling.

Women’s 69kg quarterfinals
Vorobeva (RUS) wins 4-2 vs. Ochirbat (MGL)
Mostafa (EGY) wins by fall (5:40) vs. de Oliveira (BRA)
Fransson (SWE) wins 9-1 vs. Focken (GER)
Dosho (JPN) wins 7-2 vs. Yeats (CAN)

Women’s 69kg semifinals
Vorobeva (RUS) wins by fall (1:18) vs. Mostafa (EGY)
Dosho (JPN) wins 7-2 vs. Fransson (SWE)

Women’s 69kg repechage matches
Tosun (TUR) wins 7-4 vs. Makhynia (UKR)
Syzdykova (KAZ) wins 3-2 vs. Ochirbat (MGL)
Yeats (CAN) wins 3-2 vs. Tosun (TUR)

Women’s 69kg bronze medal matches
Syzdykova (KAZ) wins 7-4 vs. Mostafa (EGY)
Fransson (SWE) wins 2-1 vs. Yeats (CAN)

Women’s 69kg gold medal match
Dosho (JPN) wins on criteria 2-2 vs. Vorobeva (RUS)

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