Louisiana residents cleaning up after historic flood

Photo Credit: KLFY

BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY) – Residents in Broussard, Louisiana are ripping up drywall, tearing up floors and dumping piles of debris. While many families begin to rebuild their homes, and many others are wondering what to do with all the trash.

According to Mayor Charles Langlinais, most Broussard residents were lucky.

Two volunteers from Hampton Roads helping with Louisiana flood relief

“We actually only have about 14 houses scheduled for pickup, but of course, we think there were about 120-150 that were impacted.”

For the ones whose homes were flooded the past few days have been a blur of emotions.

“Yea it really didn’t hit, we kind of went into problem-solving mode the first couple of hours and first couple days, and then once we came in a few days ago to start ripping up the floor, it kind of hit then. I’m still processing it all,” said Elizabeth Leonard, a Broussard resident.

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Elizabeth Leonard, her husband, and four-year-old daughter have lived in their house in Broussard for four years.

Leonard said she felt helpless as she watched water sit in her home for two days.

“I mean we’ve never really had any real issue, we’ve never gone through a trauma, I guess you can call it a trauma, so it was a shock.”

Leonard’s house, like many others, is now filled with baseboards and insulation.

Mayor Langlinais said the city will be pitching in to help with the clean-up.

“We’ll be starting to pick up tomorrow maybe Thursday.”

The Leonards are moving out all of their belongings and leaving behind piles of memories.

“It’s upsetting, it’s heart breaking. I mean I never thought we’d be displaced before. It’s devasting,” said Leonard.

Geraldine Batiste is also dealing with the aftermath of the flood.

“We’ve been moving out, putting the humidifier in, trying to get the mold and bacteria out.”

Batiste said she feel relieved to know the city will be assisting in the clean up.

“It feels really good to know that we are going to be taken care of. I’m just basically worried about my mom and getting her house back.”

Mayor Langlinais said residents can expect to see dump trucks circling the city over the next ten days.

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