Former Bruton High bookkeeper allegedly spent thousands

Charlene Flood-Liggon. Photo Courtesy: Newport News Police.

YORK COUNTY, Va. (WAVY) — Former York County Schools Division employee Charlene Flood-Liggon is charged with stealing thousands of dollars from Bruton High School.

“It’s got to be bad for the kids. It’s a face they see in the school. It’s got to be difficult. You got to be an example. If you’re in the school, you have to be an example for the students,” said Lieutenant Dennis Ivey with the York-Poquoson Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office is leading the ongoing investigation against Flood-Liggon.

Newport News Police arrested the former financial secretary earlier this month after she was charged with embezzlement.

Ex-bookkeeper at York County school facing felony embezzlement charges

Flood-Liggon worked at the high school for 12 years before she was let go by the division earlier this summer.

“We see larcenies, people stealing, but embezzlement,stealing from employers, that’s not an everyday occurrence,” said Lt. Ivey.

10 On Your Side has obtained Flood-Liggon’s arrest warrant.

According to the documents, the principal of Bruton High School reported the suspected embezzling to police after noticing several years’ worth of cash deposits missing from the school’s bank accounts.

According to the warrant, Flood-Liggon was the only one who handled cash and checks for every department of the school, including athletics and field trips.

“We have a great working relationship with our school system in general. We’ve had full cooperation on this. They want to be transparent. They want to catch people when they steal,” said Lt. Ivey.

Court documents also stated the principal discovered Amazon statements while cleaning out Flood-Liggon’s workspace.

Investigators were able to trace this to an Amazon account she allegedly set up for the school.

According to the documents, the principal said Flood-Liggon was not authorized to create the account or use the funds without her authorization.

According to the arrest warrant, Flood-Liggon spent almost $5,000 from December 2011 through May 2016.

“There are so many paper trails today, you think you’ll get away with an embezzlement. You may get away with it for a short period of time, you may get away with it a long period of time, but eventually it’s going to catch up with you,” said Lt. Ivey.

Flood-Liggon faces five counts of felony embezzlement and one misdemeanor embezzlement charge.

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