Community activist marches through neighborhood of quadruple shooting

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) – A community activist took to the streets of Norfolk on Monday, marching through the neighborhood where four men were reportedly shot the night before.

“Let’s make a difference in our community,” Bilal Muhammad shouted from a megaphone, walking up and down Selden Avenue.

Muhammad said he grew up in the Campostella area.

“Right away I had to come, get involved, take an interest, engage with the community.”

As 10 On Your Side cameras followed, Muhammad approached folks on the block, asking how they feel about the violence going on and what they want to see done.

Some weren’t interested, but others offered ideas.

“Community watch,” said Bryan Gibbs, who was among the four men shot on Sunday.

10 On Your Side spoke with Gibbs exclusively about the shooting earlier on in the day. He said that Muhammad’s efforts to reach out to the community are encouraging.

“Makes me feel like somebody does care, you know, somebody is trying to do something.”

Muhammad said that folks need to take a stand and unite.

He told 10 On Your Side that there is a lot of rallying when a police officer shoots a community member, but too little when citizens pull the trigger on one another.

“We question the police officers… we need to question ourselves,” Muhammad said. “I think that is first and foremost – question your own self – what is it that I’m doing to bring about a difference?”

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