Portsmouth shooting victim may lose chance with USMC

Billy Stevens

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WAVY) – The parents of a shooting victim say their son’s leg wound may keep him out of the Marine Corps.

17-year-old Billy Stevens of Chesapeake was wounded during an argument August 6 outside the Food Lion on Victory Boulevard in Portsmouth.

Police charged Kievon Whitehurst with misdemeanor reckless use of a firearm in the incident, but say additional charges could be pending. Whitehurst appeared Friday morning in court and had his case continued for two weeks while he hires an attorney.

Stevens’ parents say their son had already been recruited by the Marines after graduating this year from Deep Creek High School. His mother, Jill, says the wound was so severe that military service might now be out of the question.

Kievon Whitehurst
Kievon Whitehurst

“The bullet went through his kneecap, it severed the main nerve that goes through the back of his knee, so he can’t move his foot up and down,” she said. “He probably won’t be able to go into the Marine Corps, because that nerve will never heal.”

The teen’s father, also named Billy Stevens, was with his son when he was shot. He says the younger Stevens and Whitehurst got into an argument over Whitehurst’s girlfriend. Stevens says he intervened and kept the bad situation from getting worse, but can’t understand why Whitehurst doesn’t face tougher charges.

“I think he should be charged with a lot more because he had no regards, no safety, he didn’t care who was around,” Stevens said. “(My son’s) dream has been to go into the Marines; he’s been talking about it for years, and now he’s really upset over it.”

Following his arraignment, Whitehurst left the Portsmouth Courthouse without comment.

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