How to prevent hackers from hijacking your surveillance cameras

Photo Credit: WLNS

LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) – Security cameras provide one purpose … to make sure it’s safe inside a building or in this case your home. But imagine someone hacking into your surveillance cameras being able to see everything you’re doing.

6 News found out how you can prevent hackers from invading your privacy.

Tara Mesyn is a mother of two and as most mom’s, she has baby monitors in her kids bedrooms.

“We put them in there because we’re downstairs, they’re upstairs and if we’re moving around the house, we want to make sure they’re ok,” Mesyn insisted.

When it comes to hackers it’s not something Tara thinks about often.

“It’s one of those things where it seems like oh it happens to somebody else,” Mesyn stated.

Unfortunately, Cale Sauter at LiquidWeb says hackers can attack anytime and anywhere.

“All hackers have different motivations and you just want to be sure that you’re secure against any threats,” Communications Director at LiquidWeb, Cale Sauter said.

And while there is really no way of knowing if a hacker is going to target you, there are steps you can take to prevent this from happening in your own home.

“Make sure that you’re changing your passwords regularly for your Wi-Fi and your devices, making strong passwords using plenty of characters, numbers and symbols and making sure that you are using up to date equipment,” Sauter stated.

The biggest threat is people hacking passwords.

“These things are essentially working off your Wi-Fi or however you route your internet into your home,” he mentioned.

“It’s terrifying, I mean you buy these so you can try and keep your kids safe,” Mesyn said.

And this isn’t something people should fear, just be cautious of.

“As you’re mindful of what it takes to protect yourself, generally you’re in pretty good shape,” Sauter stated.

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