Burglar hits home three times taking cupcakes & popsicles

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An Augusta couple suffering from multiple home break-ins at their home is sounding the alarm on what they are now calling an unsafe neighborhood. This couple works, pays bills and is renting a mobile home until they own it. It’s the American dream that was taken away when someone broke into their home three times in a month.

“I didn’t call the police the first time. Then they came back seven days later,” Valerie Allen said.

Not one. Not two. But three times a burglar entered Valerie and Horrace’s mobile home in South Augusta.

“The room door was open,” she described.

Valerie said they get hit every time her husband goes to work and every time they leave their home in Castle Pines Mobile Home Park.

“The dresser drawers are pulled out, clothes strutted everywhere, the mattress was lifted up,” she said describing the scene when she arrived after a break-in.

Even though it’s one of the Ten Commandments, Thou shalt not steal, the wall plaque meant nothing to a hungry thief.

“I come in here to fix breakfast and we realized food was taken, cupcakes, popsicles,” she said after noticing the sodas were also gone.

A $500 microphone was also stolen from the couple’s home. That piece of equipment was essential to Horrace whose second job is a DJ.  He works full-time at a Food Lion.

He told us, “I deal off people vibes and when somebody does something to me wrong, nobody has to tell me who did it because when they come around it’s just a funny look they have.”

After no arrests were made, Horrace said he talked to the man he thinks is responsible himself.

“Where is my XBOX 360? He said, ‘Well, I didn’t take it.’ I said who took it? He said, ‘I didn’t take it.’ I said well I’ll tell you what. Do me a favor because right now I’m very angry. I said I want my XBOX 360 back or don’t ever show your face around my house again,” Williams said.

A residential rep with ADT was at the couple’s home.  They decided to invest in an alarm system until they relocate.

“Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of burglaries lately all up 56,” said Emem Stuppard.

Stuppard, who has been with ADT for the past four years, said he pulls about 200 burglary reports a month from Richmond and Columbia Counties and Grovetown.  He said he contacts those people just to help keep them safer.

“Reach out to them and maybe try to educate them on the benefits of having a security system in,” he said.

The sheriff’s office says investigators are still gathering the data on how many break-ins actually occurred in the area.

The leasing office did not return a message.

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