Paying it forward: Local post worker goes above and beyond

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) —  Two local United States Postal Service workers went above and beyond to send some happiness and relief to a woman in Texas.

The woman on the receiving end is so thankful that she reached out to 10 On Your Side to recognize the woman who performed the good deed. Although they don’t want the recognition, we’ve decided to give it to them.

The story starts last Tuesday in Newport News. It was just another day on the job for Audrey Cole, who has been working with USPS for more than a decade. Cole picks up and delivers mail, day in and day out.

However, what she found last week had her thinking she could send some relief someone else’s way.

“I dumped the mail and I noticed there was an envelope, looked like a bank envelope and I was like, ‘Oh no,'” Cole said.

Inside, she found a wad of cash with no name or information on it.

It turns out Dallas native Carol Hammer was vacationing in Virginia with her son, but they left something behind before they took off home: Hammer’s 13-year-old went to mail a postcard, but grabbed the envelope filled with cash, too.

“He said, ‘I didn’t know I wasn’t supposed to’ and I was like, ‘Okay,'” said Hammer.

Hammer did her homework. She tracked down the postal office, called them and spoke with the supervisor Sabrina Boxton. It seemed like a lost cause.

“She was so uneasy,” said Boxton.

Until Boxton got a call from Audrey, the postal carrier.

“I was so overwhelmed. I was ecstatic, because I know how hard it is to happen, so I called the customer and gave her the good news and I mailed it to her,” said Boxton. “This is so rare to happen because there are thousands of envelopes. I was overwhelmed.”

Hammer says the envelope with her money arrived before she returned to Dallas with her son.

“A huge thanks to a very conscientious mail carrier and a very on-top of it mail worker,” said Hammer. “They mailed the envelope back to me priority mail and when I returned to Dallas, it was waiting for me at home. Big thanks to the ladies at the Hidenwood Postal Station for their honesty, diligence and integrity.”

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