Delta passengers fed up over canceled and delayed flights

Brendon Worley of Arlington checks at the Delta Airline counter at Ronald Reagan National Airport, Sunday, Jan. 24, 2016 in Arlington, Va. Millions of Americans started digging themselves out Sunday after a mammoth blizzard with hurricane-force winds and record-setting snowfall brought much of the East Coast to an icy standstill. More than 11,000 flights were canceled between Friday and Monday as states from New England to North Carolina wrestled with a massive snow dump.(AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. (WWLP) – For the second day in a row, Delta passengers lugged their suitcases into airports, only to realize their flight was once again, cancelled.

The debacle was a result of a global computer system outage that forced the airline to cancel 1,000 flights on Monday. On Tuesday, the airline was back online, but still in recovery mode.

Delta cancels more flights in wake of computer-system outage

Delta Air Lines said passengers shouldn’t expect everything to be back to normal until Wednesday at the earliest. Their computers are back up and running, but they’re still dealing with several issues, including finding for the tens of thousands of passengers whose flights were cancelled on Monday.

Robert Morris told 22News that he and his family had a flight back to Canada Monday. “Now I’m standing in lines all day I guess,” he said.

Once his flight got cancelled, Morris said they assumed Tuesday would be a sure thing, but that wasn’t exactly the case. “Our flights had been bumped from Delta to Air Canada, and our flight was going to be at 11:00 through Air Canada. We showed up this morning with Air Canada, and they got two of our flights, but not four of our flights,” he said.

Dozens of others passengers who had been anxiously waiting to get out of line and onto a plane said they, too, were fed up.

James Marco of Enfield told 22News that finding a plane has been a hassle to say the least. “I’m going to Indianapolis, but I was here yesterday, and my flight got cancelled. Then today, I got up at about 3:30 a.m., and saw that my flight was cancelled, so I got here at 6:00, and now I’m still waiting in line,” he said.

Delta said it canceled another 250 flights on Tuesday, and delayed the departure of another 200.

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