Preview: The hits continue for Boxing’s day three

Preview: Boxing day 3

Carlos Zenon Balderas Jr., Berik Abdrakhmanov

The light flyweight division continues into their next round of preliminaries tomorrow morning and evening. The winners of these matches will move on to the quarterfinals on Wednesday. We will also see two time Olympic medalist Paddy Barnes in competition for the first time in Rio in this division, as he earned a bye for his high ranking in the division prior to the Games.

American Nico Hernandez will face off against Russia’s Vasilii Egorov, who earned a bye and moved up to the round of 16 due to his high seeding in the division.  Heavyweights will also face off in their round of 16 tournaments for the first time, and will move on to their quarterfinals on Wednesday, August 10.

The middleweight division will see its first action on Monday as well, and the welterweight division will finish out the round of 32 bracket on Monday, moving into its round of 16 on Thursday, August 11.

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