Catherine Skinner wins gold, Cogdell-Unrein bronze in women’s trap

Catherine Skinner wins gold, Cogdell-Unrein bronze in women's trap

Australian Catherine Skinner defeats New Zealand’s Natalie Rooney in the gold medal shoot-off to win the women’s trap final.

Skinner missed two of her first four shots in the final, but only missed one of her last 11 shots. Rooney started off hot, but struggled in the middle of the round, missing her sixth, seventh, eleventh and twelfth shots. The cold streak allowed Skinner to capitalize.

The second Australian to win gold in women’s trap, this is just her first gold medal in any major international competition. She was impressive in keeping her composure as the clay pigeons failed to launch six times for her when she was ready to shoot.

Rooney becomes the first shooter from New Zealand to earn a silver medal, and this is the first shooting medal for the nation since 1968. She defeated USA’s Corey Cogdell-Unrein in a sudden death shoot-off after they both scored 13 in the semifinal to reach the gold medal match with Skinner.

In the dramatic bronze medal match, Cogdell and Fatima Galvez went to a sudden death shoot-off (Cogdell’s second of the day). Cogdell hit on her first shot, and Galvez subsequently missed. Cogdell also won bronze in 2008.

Thus far in Rio, all women’s shooting gold medalist have been Olympic debutants.

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