2 dogs found chained, trapped in flooded Tennessee yard

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Officials with Montgomery County Animal Care and Control are warning pet owners about the dangers of leaving dogs tied up and unattended, after two dogs were rescued in flood waters in late July.

On July 28, a bloodhound and a catahoula were found at separate homes, standing in water, after heavy rains caused flooding in the Clarksville area.

The owners of the bloodhound, Annabelle, later surrendered ownership of the dog to Montgomery County Animal Care and Control, and she has since been adopted by another family.

The owners of the catahoula, which animal control workers are calling “Joe,” have yet to claim him.

Jeanette Farrell, Director of Montgomery County Animal Care and Control, said Joe’s owners will face charges for leaving him without shelter.

According to Farrell, the law says that if home owners leave their dogs tied up outside, they must provide food, water, and shelter to the animal.

Besides exposing dogs to sun and rain, Farrell said predators and parasites can also hurt animals left outside unattended.

She said that Joe suffered from something called “flystrike.”

“It’s literally flies eating a dog’s ears, because they can’t get away from the flies, because they’re tied to a stationary object. They can’t get away,” Farrell said.

“Also, they can be prey to other animals. Other animals could come into your yard and attack you dog or cat. They can’t get away because they’re on a tether.”

“They’re called companion animals for a reason. Animals, dogs especially, they’re pack animals. They’re companion animals. Keep your animals inside. They’re family members. There’s no reason to put them outside on a chain or keep them outside,” Farrell said.

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