On Your Side: E-ZPass customers warned about suspicious email

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — VDOT is warning E-ZPass Virginia users of an email scam aimed at getting access to your private information and tricking you into opening your wallet.

It comes in an email from E-ZPassNotice@ezpass-collections.net. The email reads: “Your E-ZPass account has been flagged for past due tolls that have been charged to your account. Failure to pay will result in a summons for court appearance within 30 days. Click here to login into your account. Regards, Joe King, Collections Manager, E-ZPass Collections Inc.”

The email appears to come from “E-Z Pass Collectors,” but a spokeswoman with VDOT says the email is not from E-ZPass and there are several red flags customers should notice.

E-Z does not send invoices by email. The only emails you will get from E-Z Pass are alerts and information. Additionally, invoices and other information are sent by U.S. mail.

The email address also doesn’t come from a valid VDOT email address. Valid emails originating from E-ZPass Virginia include the following return email addresses: NoReply@ezpassva.comcustomerservice@ezpassva.com and ezpass@ricklanddirect.com.

If customers have questions about the validity of any message received from E-ZPass, VDOT asks them to please contact the Customer Service Center at 877-762-7824.

The scam is not happening only in Virginia and E-ZPass authorities in other states are also spreading the word to try to inform customers.

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