Rio’s hottest trend: The Olympic manicure

Rio's hottest trend: The Olympic manicure

Cierra Runge
An Olympic athlete is a master of the details, fine-tuning every inch of her body in her quest for athletic greatness. And that includes making sure she has the most stylish and inspirational nails possible when it’s time to compete on the Olympic stage. 
Get inspired by the Olympic athletes competing in Rio… starting with their manicures.
The U.S. swimmers have been diving into Rio hands first, with red, white and blue nails—plus some gold for good luck. 
U.S. gymnast Simone Biles will compete in Rio with nails as sparkly as her crystal-adorned leotard.

At the London Olympics, a nail salon was located in the Athletes Village to give Olympians free manicures. Team GB athletes are continuing the new tradition with Union Jack nail art.


From Japan to Andorra, every Olympic athlete is proud to represent their country at the world’s biggest sporting event. And before they get the chance to hear their national anthem on the podium, they can show their patriotic spirit on their nails.
Monica Puig (Puerto Rico, tennis)
Chiharu Nakamura (Japan, rugby)

Maria Benedicta Chigbolu (Italy, track and field)

Gudi Stock (Germany, cycling)

Esther Barrugues Alvina, (Andorra, shooting)

Silvia Di Petro (Italy, swimming)

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