Q&A with Kiley Neushul

Q&A with Kiley Neushul

Kiley Neushul

Do you have a celebrity crush? Do you have an Olympic crush?

My celebrity crush would probably be Matt Damon, he plays a lot of very impressive roles. My Olympic crush would probably be diver Kristian Ipsen.

When you have time to relax, what are your favorite TV shows?

I enjoy watching Game of Thrones, True Detective, The Walking Dead, a few Comedy Central shows, Nathan for You, The League, Broad City.

How do you unwind after a competition?

I write about the experience and then I listen to calming music, or watch a movie.

What are your personal care indulgences and favorite products? Would you consider your beauty routine low or high maintenance?

I use homemade body scrubs and lotion bars for my skin. For my hair I have a certain type of shampoo/conditioner (Pureology) and I deep condition once a week. Medium to low maintenance.

What are your must-have wardrobe items for special occasions?

Black or white dress. White jeans, black top. Fancy booties with a heel.

Tell us about your nutrition plan. What does a typical day of eating look like during training?

Breakfast: Toast, two eggs, avocado, tomato (tea)
Snack: Protein recovery, ProBar
Lunch: chicken, salad, chips
Snack: bar
After Practice: Protein recovery
Dinner: Meat option, carb option, veggie option

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