Reactions pour in after Hillary Clinton tabs Tim Kaine as running mate

In this July 14, 2016, file photo, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, accompanied by Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., speaks at a rally at Northern Virginia Community College in Annandale, Va. Kaine has been rumored to be one of Clinton's possible vice president choices. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Friday night, Richmond resident and current Virginia Senator Tim Kaine was selected by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to be her running mate in this November’s presidential election. Clinton made the announcement in a text message to supporters.

In the message, Clinton says: “I’m thrilled to tell you this first: I’ve chosen Sen. Tim Kaine as my running mate.”

Kaine is expected to join Clinton at a rally in Florida on Saturday.

A favorite since the start of Clinton’s search for a running mate, Kaine is a former governor of the battleground state and former mayor of Richmond.

Kaine won election to the Senate four years ago after serving as the chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Clinton is choosing Kaine from a group that included Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

I’m thrilled to announce my running mate, @TimKaine, a man who’s devoted his life to fighting for others. -H

In another Twitter post, Clinton said Kaine is a “relentless optimist who believes no problem is unsolvable if you put in the work to solve it.”

She also gave her social media followers an introduction to the current Virginia Senator.

.@TimKaine‘s guiding principle: the belief that you can make a difference through public service.

Kaine also took to Twitter to announce his immediate plans.

Just got off the phone with Hillary. I’m honored to be her running mate. Can’t wait to hit the trail tomorrow in Miami!

Virginia politicians weighed in on the selection:

— U.S. Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-VA):

“I enthusiastically applaud Secretary Clinton’s choice. Without reservation, I can say there is no one of higher integrity and trustworthiness.

“I first met Tim Kaine in law school 37 years ago, and our paths crossed years later in Virginia politics.  Whether serving as mayor of Richmond, Virginia’s lieutenant governor, governor, and now as U.S. senator, Tim has always shown a commitment to serving others.

“He always finds reasons for hope and optimism in every situation, and he is centered by his faith and his family. Our country, and the Commonwealth of Virginia, will be very well-served by electing Tim Kaine as Vice President.”

— Virginia House of Delegates Speaker William J. Howell (R-Stafford):

“Senator Tim Kaine is an honorable public servant. Even though we disagree on policy and principle, I respect him.  His character makes it all the more surprising that he would sign up to defend Hillary Clinton for the next three and a half months.  However, Senator Kaine’s selection as the Vice Presidential nominee does not change that this election is ultimately a referendum on Secretary Clinton. Virginians will cast their vote based on her record as Secretary of State, objectionable character, and far-left agenda.”

— Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe:

“I am thrilled to congratulate my friend Senator Tim Kaine on his selection to join the Democratic ticket with Hillary Clinton. As a Mayor, Lieutenant Governor, Governor and United States Senator, Tim Kaine has demonstrated that he is the right choice to help lead our country forward as Vice President of the United State. His experience, intellect, and dedication to making life better for people from all walks of life will make him an enormous asset to Secretary Clinton throughout the remainder of this campaign and as a leader in her administration over the next four years. This is a proud day for every Virginian.”

— Virginia Congressman Bobby Scott:

— Former Virginia Gov. L. Douglas Wilder:

I’ve been asked by any number of persons about the potential selection of my friend and colleague, U.S. Senator Tim Kaine. I have relayed both publicly and privately my support for his selection and continue to think that he would be a solid choice for Ms. Clinton in the role of Vice President. This is a role he is well-suited for and he would be a tremendous asset in carrying key states during this crucial election.

— Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam

No one is smarter or harder working than @timkaine He embodies the meaning of a true public servant.

— John Watkins, a Republican, and former Virginia state senator:

“I think [Trump] would have a hard time getting under Tim Kaine’s skin.”

— Attorney General Mark Herring:

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