ERT issues deadline to pay overdue tolls

HAMPTON ROADS, Va. (WAVY) – Officials with the Elizabeth River Tunnels are issuing a warning to those with overdue tolls.

The ERT is asking that overdue tolls be paid by August 1. The risk of not paying them before that date includes court appearances and/or vehicle registration holds.

Leila Rice, a spokeswoman for ERT, says those who are delinquent should know. They’ve already received several notices in the mail.

“The folks that are going to court or DMV hold, have received five separate mailings, plus the sixth, which would be the warning and that’s certified mail,” Rice explained.

Rice says the people who will be taken to court or face a DMV hold are already in the collections process. You now have until August 1 to work out a payment plan with collections.

Rice could not say how ERT will determine which account holders will be taken to court and which will face DMV holds. But, if you go to the DMV and cannot renew your registration, Rice says paying the debt is not instantaneous. You should expect the payment to take five to seven days to clear before you can renew your registration.

To check on overdue tolls, or to pay them, click on the following link:

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