Beachgoers battle the heat at the Oceanfront

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Hot temperatures that scorched the area Saturday left a lot of people trying to cool off at the beach; especially the Oceanfront.

This weekend’s heat wave has some strong reactions mixed with some strong sales from boardwalk vendors.

“We sell more snow cones than anything,” Troy Rieeger of Mimi’s Italian Ice said. “Everyone enjoys the size and the coolness.”

Saturday at the Oceanfront some people chose to cool down with shaved ice or a spot in the shade.

“This is our second day out here. First day we didn’t bring the umbrella tent,” Tourist Chris Hubbard said. “So we didn’t stay but a couple hours. We learned out lessons, brought it today, and we’ll stay out here all day.”

One look at the ocean and you can see the most popular choice for such a scorcher is to enjoy the water. Lifeguards kept watch on swimmers, but duties go beyond that in the heat.

“We’re here to deliver medical services to the people as needed,” Chief of Virginia Beach Lifesaving Services Tom Gill said. “Just like we are the water rescue.”

Saturday’s heat wave is the beginning of a weekend of high temperatures and heat related health concerns.

“You gotta stay rested, you gotta stay hydrated,” Gill said. “Stay cool by getting the water, but don’t substitute getting in the water for your overall hydration because that’s not gonna work. It’s gonna dehydrate you at the end of the day.”

A heat advisory has been placed in the Southside Hampton Roads area, Peninsula and Northeast North Carolina for Sunday.

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