New York teen trapped in Turkey finally on his way home

Photo Credit: WIVB

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — A local family is at ease now that their 17-year-old son is no longer locked inside a hotel room in Turkey.

Kenmore West High School student, Kaizen Hall, was supposed to have a layover in Istanbul the same day as Turkey’s failed military coup. Instead, his plane was diverted to Trabzon, Turkey.

Saturday night, hotel staff finally shuttled Kaizen and other passengers to the Trabzon airport and flew them to Istanbul.

Kaizen spent the next 12 hours standing in line in hopes of getting his next ticket to come home.

“He was more scared and his voice was more shaky during the 12 hours that he spent in the Istanbul airport. He was telling us about the soldiers that just walked by holding their Turkish flags with their automatic weapons and not just one, there was many of them,” said Jason Hall, Kaizen’s father.

An airline originally told Kaizen that he would have to wait until Thursday to fly to Atlanta, but six hours later an airline manager got Kaizen and his two family members tickets to Dubai with a connecting flight to Toronto.

“He’s clearly not home yet, he’ll be going to Dubai, he’s still halfway around the world, but just that moment we’re looking forward to. Everything’s working out for us right now so we’re extremely excited, especially not to have our son in Istanbul for the next four days,” said Hall.

Kaizen has a six-hour layover once he lands in Dubai and then a 13 and a half hour flight to Toronto. The family expects him home by Tuesday night.

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