Chesapeake looking to update firearm prohibition lines

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — It’s something you might not know, but you can legally fire a gun in some areas of the City of Chesapeake. Since 1989, the city’s highly populated areas have been prohibited.

But in the rural areas, as long as you follow the right rules, you can still fire. This year, growing safety concerns have city council looking at expanding that prohibited area.

Ron Boustedt says he loves living in rural Chesapeake. It has been his home for several years.

“I’m back up to the Dismal Swamp. There’s nothing south of me for 12 miles,” Boustedt said. “I shoot responsibly. I actually have a little bullet box that catches the bullets.”

A few weeks ago, Boustedt heard about the possible expansion of the boundary in Chesapeake that prohibits shooting on your property.

“This change actually moves that boundary to my front door,” he said.

The proposed line initially covered most of Chesapeake. But, before the boundary went to a vote, the Chief of Police Kelvin Wright stepped in.

“What we have proposed, let’s just not even consider that,” Wright said. “Let’s get those people in the room.”

Wright said he understands their concerns and wants to work with gun owners, but with overall safety in mind.

“Within the last two years we had a young woman that was a home care nurse caring for someone and she was hit by a rifle round,” Wright said. “It entered through the roof and hit her.”

10 On Your Side was there that day in Hickory. Just two years after and more development is on the way.

“People need to realize Chesapeake is not as rural as it once was. We are much more suburban than we once were.”

Ron Boustedt said he understands, but wants to be able to continue his hobby and prefers the current line.

“It defines where you can do that and then you’re still bound by every law and regulation on the books,” he said. “I meant it’s common sense.”

The chief of police is planning to hold a public meeting on Wednesday. According to Karen Green with the City, there is no registration required.  The meeting starts at 6 p.m., but the venue has changed. It will now be held at the City Council Chambers at 306 Cedar Road. This is in the City Hall building.

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