Three people taken to hospital after chlorine leak at Zable Stadium

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WAVY) — Three people were taken to the hospital after a broken pipe leaked a chemical odor at the construction site of the Zable Stadium at William & Mary.

The leak has been contained and the stadium was evacuated, according to Suzanne Seurattan with William & Mary.

Two first responders and one construction worker were taken to the hospital due to exposure of chlorine, Seurattan said.

Seurattan said on Thursday afternoon that an environmental hygienist and a crew that specializes in hazardous material spills are cleaning up the last of the chlorine residue where the pipe broke. She said the cleanup may not be completed until later this week or sometime over the weekend.

Until the cleanup is complete, the pump room will remain closed off. All other areas around the stadium and the campus are back to normal operations.

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