Kidnapped boy returned after East Moline Police locate him in Bangkok

EAST MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) – An East Moline child is now back with his mother, after being kidnapped by his father, Daniel Glaus and taken to Bangkok, Thailand.

The boy’s mother, Kalyan Thein has primary custody and Glaus had limited visitation privileges.

“Is he not coming back home? And don’t know, wonder about what’s going on,” Thein said.

Those were the questions Thein was asking after her son’s father, didn’t bring him back when he was supposed to.

“I could have [been] really sad,” Thein said. “What I [did] is I had to keep staying strong so I [kept] staying strong and [kept] fighting past and [prayed] for all the people who pray and care for my son and me,” Thein said.

After that, she called East Moline Police, and with the leadership of Lt. Darren Gault, they didn’t stop until he was found in Bangkok.

“In my power I [couldn’t] do this stuff, but he did it really well and he bring my son back really quickly, he promised and he did it really quickly,” Thein said.

“[We] worked with some fantastic people both in the United States and law enforcement, the state department as well as international law enforcement partners, so we can’t say enough from the police department standpoint on all of the cooperation that we got to bring this to a successful resolve and return the child back to the United States and back to the mother,” Gault said.

That all made it possible for Thein to see her 6-year-old for the first time in nearly three weeks on Tuesday morning.

“The moment I [saw] him in the airport, it’s like a special moment for our life and [my son is not lost anymore] and I bring my son back,” Thein said.

“She just immediately burst into tears and he was so cute he said, mommy why are you crying, and she said, ‘Because I’m so happy,’” Debbie Miller, a friend of Thein’s who rode with her to pick her son up at the airport Tuesday morning, said.

After a 20 hour flight back to the United States and a car ride back to the Quad Cities, Thein says she is overjoyed to have her very tired son back in her arms again.

“[I’m] really, really happy and now I feel really [relieved] again, and we had a really good day all day long and we’ve been praying like before and now I know I won’t be lost again,” Thein said.

Gault says the father is in custody of the Thai Government and once he is returned to the United States, he will be taken into custody with Rock Island County.

He recommends for those wanting to protect their children proactively to sign up through the State Department to put an alert on their passport. This will keep them from being taken out of the country.

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