Hampton anti-gun violence activist arrested at U.S. Capitol

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAVY) – A Hampton mother whose son was murdered two years ago was arrested at the U.S. Capitol Wednesday.

Margaret Eaddy and others from around the country went to the Rotunda to protest gun violence.

“My son is not a political stunt,” Eaddy said as she sat on the floor. She and others chanted, “No bill, no break.”

The demonstration mirrored a sit-in by Democrats in the House last month.

“Our ultimate goal was to do a sit-in, so Congress would hear our cries about the senseless gun violence, homicides that’s happening all over the United States,” Eaddy said.

Eventually, Capitol Police asked the group to leave. Eaddy was arrested, but said she would do it all over again.

“I felt anxious, I felt scared, I felt, you know, exhilarated. I felt kind of happy…I was just like, all for it. I was in for it,” she said.

She and five others were charged with demonstrating in a non-demonstration designated area and paid $50.

WAVY News talked to Eaddy back in May, when she planned an anti-gun violence rally to remember her son, 28-year-old Jonathan Coles, who was murdered in Hampton. The day before Eaddy left for the Capitol, her sister’s fiance, 43-year-old Kevin Buie, was also murdered in Hampton.

Hampton mom takes up fight against gun violence

“As long as I got fight in me and I got breath in my body, I’m going to continue to tell Congress that we will not stand for it any more. No bill, no break,” she said.

Eaddy said she and others plan to return to the Capitol in August to remember the deadly shooting in Orlando that killed 49 victims and injured dozens of others.

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