Virginia Beach lifeguards make several Sunday rescues

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY)–The wind and changes in weather prompted red flag warnings at the Oceanfront Sunday.

But in spite of the wet weather, people still headed to the beach. It was a stark contrast to Saturday’s beautiful weather at the Oceanfront.

“It was beautiful. It was a lot hotter, a lot more crowded,” beach visitor Daniel Lozano said. “Yea it was fantastic.

On Sunday that was only a distant memory for Lozano and his family. The change in weather was also noticed by Virginia Beach’s Lifesaving Service.

“We came out and saw the water was flat calm. We had no consideration of flags,” Chief Tom Gill said. “By the time the lifeguards were done putting out umbrellas, we knew the flags had to come out.”

The red flags meant knee to waist high water restrictions. It also indicated a tough current. But it was not enough to keep tourists inside or out of the water.

“We’re up six or seven rescues today. With probably about 12 or 13 people pulled out so far,” Gill said.

With one day left in the 4th of July weekend, Tom Gill had a message to make it a safe end to the holiday.

“You should just go check in with the lifeguard,” He explained. “Talk to them. We love when people are concerned enough to interact early. Then they can find out what’s going on and then make sure everybody stays safe within their group.”

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