July 4th festivities could stress your pets out

The best advice is to keep your pet safely away from fireworks


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The upcoming July 4th festivities will bring large crowds and loud fireworks, but the experience can be overwhelming for pets.

The booming sounds and flashing lights are for people to enjoy, but it can certainly be terrifying for pets with a heightened sense of hearing and smell. Bottom line is that every dog is different; no matter how much you socialize or train them they could still become bothered.

The best advice is to keep your pet safely away from fireworks. If you can’t leave your pet unattended at home, make sure they are leashed and can go to a place where they feel safe. “Dogs are like children you can’t really predict what they’re going to be like,” Alexandra Ludwig told 22News. She was at the Agawam Dog park with her pet Yumi.

“You can train them, I mean [Yumi] hates other dogs I didn’t train that out of her so dogs are different,” she said.

Also, keep the temperatures in mind for your furry friends. Keep plenty of water on hand and try to keep them in the shade.


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