Family asks for support for teen who suffered devastating injuries

Trevor Claar, 18, is still suffering setbacks after a devastating accident in June

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — The family of a teenager facing devastating injuries after a freak accident is asking for support.

Paramedics flew Trevor Claar, 18, to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital Friday afternoon after he dove into a wave and hit a sandbar.

From Nightingale, he called his mother, Jessica Claar.

“He just said that he wanted to tell me how much he loved me,” Claar said. “He was very calm, he knew exactly what happened. He told me he dove into a wave, hit a sandbar and broke his neck.”

trevor claar
Trevor Claar is fighting to recover after he crushed part of his spine and broke his neck in a freak accident on Friday, June 24. Credit: Family photo.

A surgeon told Claar that her son had also crushed part of his spine, and that even after surgery, he may never walk again.

Right now, Trevor has no feeling or ability to move his body below his chest and biceps.

His sister, Sandra Powell, says the injuries seem especially cruel because of the way Trevor lives his life.

Name a sport or an activity, and he’s tried it. He graduated from a military academy, and planned to enlist in the U.S. Army in September.

“He’s on the go constantly,” Powell said. “He’s not a person who’s okay with sitting around doing nothing. […] Looking at him like this, it’s horrific.”

Still, Trevor’s mother, sisters and healthcare providers are hopeful.

“Everybody that’s been working with him day in and day out, including the surgeon, the very next day said, ‘If anybody is going to recover from this, it will be you,'” Powell said.

In order to recover, Trevor will need more of the support he’s already getting online and in person.

So many visitors have been coming by the hospital, Claar and Powell have had to start limiting them, so Trevor can rest.

When he’s awake, Powell reads him messages of support written on posts, like the one posted by his employers at Harpoon Larry’s in Newport News.

“There are going to be big ups and downs mentally, physically, financially,” she said. “During those bad days, he needs to know how many people are out there rooting for him.”

To donate or leave messages of support, visit Facebook or Trevor’s GoFundMe page.

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