Norfolk police address spike in violent crime

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — In less than 48 hours, there were seven shooting victims in the City of Norfolk.

Police believe that more active work in the community can not only drive crime down, but help solve crimes.

A spokesperson for the Norfolk Police Department said it’s because of active police work they already solved one of the shootings.

Friday night into Saturday night Norfolk police pounded the pavement investigating violent crimes: seven shootings with one fatality. It was a weekend in June to forget. Especially for the family of the victims.

Police identify victim in deadly shooting on A Avenue in Norfolk

On Sunday, the frustration boiled over for the uncle of three victims from a quadruple shooting.

“What are you doing? Are you aware of the fact that life means more to you and the rest of us than what you are doing right now, guys?” Sesil Jenkins pleaded with violent offenders.

Melinda Wray of Norfolk police reported that up to right now, 24 people have been murdered in the city. 19 of those are men. 15 of the murders remain unsolved. It seems like a growing trend of violence.

“From a 10 year scale, we’re actually on a decrease,” Corporal Wray said. “A slight decrease in violent crime.”

Wray said police continue to step up patrols in neighborhoods. She points to the quadruple shooting as an example of the work police continue to do.

“This is where proactive policing comes into play we had officers right around the corner,” she said. “Those officers at the car heard the gunshots and tried to stop the car as it was fleeing from the scene. Then they got into a vehicle and pursued.”

Within minutes, police arrested Michael Thomas and Keshawn Brown along with two 16-year-old boys. Wray said patrols in neighborhoods help, but they need neighbors to work with them.

“In order to be the most efficient and effective within that public safety realm, we have to have partnerships within our community,” she said.

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