Rep. Rigell, House members introduce bipartisan ‘no fly, no buy’ bill

(Photo: Congressman Scott Rigell's office)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAVY) — Congressman Scott Rigell (R-VA) joined three other House members Friday to introduce the Terrorist Firearms Prevention Act.

Rigell joined Reps. Curbelo (R-FL), Moulton (D-MA), and Dold (R-IL) at a news conference to discuss the bipartisan bill, which would prohibit a person on the no-fly or Selectee lists from buying a gun, while ensuring there’s proper due process.

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Rigell says he defends the Second Amendment, but also supports defending families.

“It cannot be in question that we are under attack from multiple sources; here in the homeland from those who are inspired by a radical interpretation of Islam. We have got to get a hold of this,” Rigell said. “The two lists that we are addressing in our legislation are very narrow – the ‘No Fly’ list and the Selectee list. That is less than 3,000 Americans. If you want to put it in a decimal point, it is 0.00001 percent of Americans that we are impacting with this legislation. It is very, very narrowly defined.”

Click here to learn more about the bill. Watch the full news conference below:

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