New Oceanfront fitness park opens to public

Hillier Fitness Park opened this weekend and seems to be a big hit with tourists. Credit: Walter Hildebrand/WAVY

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — A new fitness park at 36th Street in Virginia Beach is complete and open for business.

The Hillier Fitness Park at the Oceanfront officially opened on the first day of summer.

The park features a variety of exercise equipment, including: high bars, low bars, parallel bars, ropes, a level ring climber, slackline posts, swing-along rings, balance beam and multipurpose post. The park is modeled after a fitness park in Santa Monica, California.

Photos: Beach raises the bar at Oceanfront

Virginia Beach City Council approved the project back in March but it was not without some back-and-forth. The first proposed location for the park was on 40th Street at the Oceanfront.

Council voted 5-5 on the proposed park, and turned it down because there was no majority.

The man behind the idea, Luke Hillier, then asked council to consider placing the equipment four blocks south at 36th Street and that was later approved by council.

10 On Your Side caught up with the developer before the project was completed.

“It’s a place where our residents can come and enjoy it, and our visitors can come together and use the equipment together,” said Hillier. “This is something I really want to give to the residents of Virginia Beach. It’s a place where visitors and residents can workout together.”

His dream became reality and people on the oceanfront expressed their excitement about the fitness park.

North Carolina resident Christy Steensma visited the beach and says the park is a great fitness center for children.

“Usually you just lay on the beach and don’t get much exercise but people have been out here all day today and all day yesterday,” said Steensma. “It’s been very busy and it’s really neat.”

The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

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