Orlando church offering free funeral services for shooting victims

ORLANDO, Fla. (WFLA) — Spend five minutes with Joe Jackson, and you’ll notice right away – he has a deep passion for helping others. With his warm smile and palpable spirituality, it is clear Jackson was put on this earth to inspire people. And, now more than ever, this Orlando pastor is answering the call to provide calm amidst the storm.

As a pastor at Discovery Church, he helps to enrich lives each and every day through faith. In fact, he carries out his faithful mission just a few blocks from Pulse nightclub in Orlando.

When tragedy struck, this church leader admits he couldn’t sit still. Not right now, he tells us, not amidst tragedy and need.

“Our neighbors struggling, we have to do something,” he explained to WFLA. Victims families right now have so much grief to deal with that the pastor and many others in the Discovery Church congregation want to help with the burden victims’ loved ones are facing.

“The healing process is never easy,” the pastor admits. “We want to help.”

The leaders at Discovery Church put together what they call a “think tank.” They tell us that they decided to establish a very special, unique fund offering free funerals whether it’s burials, arrangements, flowers, or just a space to hold a ceremony.

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The people in this church reached out to local officials to let them know, help is here.

Local businesses, residents and congregation members want so much to help others. They want to ease the pain by offering every bit of support they can. They realize some may need support through prayer, while others may need support through finances.

It is all in an effort to heal, church leaders tell WFLA. “We have to love other people. There is no question about it. We just need to love other people. I believe that’s part of our mission,” said Pastor Jackson.

“You cannot sit here and watch your neighbor struggle, and watch your community struggle and not feel that passion and not want to do something about it. We want to do something.”

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