Navy officer accused of spying to go before court-martial in October

(Photo courtesy U.S. Navy)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Navy Lieutenant Commander Edward Lin, the U.S. Navy officer accused of espionage, will go before a court-martial in October.

The trial date is set for October 26 at Naval Station Norfolk.

Lin is charged with two counts of espionage, three counts of attempted espionage, communicating secret information ‘with intent or reason to believe it would be used to the advantage of a foreign nation’ and adultery.

The charges stem from actions the Navy says occurred in August and September of 2015 and revolve around incidents in Washington, D.C., according to unredacted charge sheets released in May.

Court documents claim Lin illegally shared information with a foreign government and falsified records. Though the government has not named the country that Lin is accused of spying for, 10 On Your Side has learned that it is likely Taiwan, where Lin was born.

Lin has pleaded not guilty to the charges. His family also set up a website, which defends his innocence and asks for money for his legal defense.

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