Co-workers raise funds for family of slain Newport News mother

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — Co-workers of a slain Newport News mother are stepping up to raise funds for her family.

Naisha Singleton, 26, was killed outside of her home on Friday.

“It was the wrong time. She was just at that place in her life where she had reached the top of that mountain,” said Travarus Clark. “She was the type of person that dealt with a lot of adversity, so getting to that place where she was at, being able to provide for her family… she was just getting there, and for this to happen, is tragic.”

Singleton had worked as a morning supervisor for Parsons, a contractor company for the Virginia Department of Transportation. She typically covered the Peninsula, while Clark is employed as the morning supervisor for the Southside. The two worked hand-in-hand.

“It’s tough coming in the morning and not seeing her and being able to talk to her.”

“She was very special,” said Angelic Alleyne, Naisha’s assistant. “She was such a good person. I don’t understand how this could have happened to her.”

Police said the gunman was 32-year-old Reginald Langley. After the shooting, he led police on a chase and ultimately killed himself.

Family members told 10 On Your Side that Langley was Singleton’s ex-boyfriend. The pair had dated for nearly a decade, and the breakup angered him.

Together, they had four sons. Singleton’s mission in life was supporting them.

“What made her happy in life, her joys, was being able to provide for her kids,” Alleyne said.

“That’s all she talked about,” Clark said. “That was her purpose in life… to raise them four boys and make sure that they had a life that was successful, and that they was provided for.”

To help support them, co-workers launched an online fundraiser. Some have even been collecting donations around the office.

“It’s a very hard loss for us… she was more than a co-worker, she was family to us,” said Clark. “We’re having a hard time getting through this but we will, and especially with her getting the support she needs… it’s a blessing to us.”

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