Jury finds Kareem Turner guilty of murdering Dajuan Glover

Kareem Turner (Photo: Norfolk police)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — A jury on Tuesday found Kareem Turner guilty of first degree murder, attempted robbery and gun charges in the 2014 shooting death of Dajuan Glover.

The jury recommended Turner serve 42 years in prison.

Turner’s trial has been going on since early last week.

In July 2014, Norfolk Police found Glover’s body on Jason Avenue. He had been shot several times. The jury took less than four hours to deliberate the verdict. 

Before sentencing, Glover’s mother, Yvonne Glover-Cunningham took the stand and told the jury the suspects gunned her son down “like a dog.”

“Our life has never been the same,” she said.

Turner then took the stand for the first time and told Glover-Cunningham, “I’m grieving as well, and your son was a friend of mine.”

Turner said he was not the victim’s enemy.

Prosecutor Phil Evans then told the jury it was “extremely twisted and evil” for Turner to give the mother of the victim closure by saying he was his friend.

Glover-Cunningham told WAVY.com as she left court, “That man was not a friend of my son. Because if he was, he would not have done what he done.”

She said losing her son has left holes that can’t be filled. However, she is comforted knowing she had many memories with Glover.

“Dajuan left me with so many so many precious memories, that I do think about him every day,” said Glover-Cunningham. “And I smile every day.”

Following the verdict, Turner’s defense attorney, Trevor Robinson, said, “My client and I were very optimistic throughout the trial. There were a great many things to work with and to argue. At this point, the jury has made their decision and we will continue to move forward.”

In closing arguments earlier in the day, the prosecutor said a gun used in the murder was found in a car that matched a set of keys in Turner’s pocket at the time of his arrest. He reminded the jury that one witness testified he saw Turner shoot someone and another testified that Turner told him in jail, “I just pumped 19 hot into a (expletive).”

Robinson countered by saying the gun in the car could have belonged to someone else. He said that the man who testified to witnessing the shooting was not actually there. Several witnesses had criminal histories and something to gain from testifying, Robinson argued.

Turner’s cousin, Roy Turner, and another man, Joshua Wood, were convicted of first degree murder in the case last October.

Roy Turner received a life sentence plus 23 years. A jury recommended Wood be sentenced to life in prison plus three years for his convictions. His formal sentencing hearing is scheduled for July 8.

“I’ll be honest, I will never forgive those people for what they’ve done to my son,” said Glover-Cunningham. “But, I tell you one thing, I don’t even think about those people.”

Turner’s family was banned from the courtroom Monday, in a move the judge made because he said events over the weekend posed a threat to witnesses in the case.

Family of Kareem Turner banned from courtroom Monday

Kareem Turner was previously charged in the 2010 death of Norfolk police officer Victor Decker, but prosecutors withdrew those charges. He was released from jail in March 2014.

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