Video: SC man discovers snakes hanging from attic

Photo Credit: WSPA

GREENWOOD, SC (WSPA) — A Greenwood man shared a video with 7News, showing snakes dangling out of his attic.

The video quickly went viral, capturing the attention of people across the country.

Within a day, it has thousands of comments and millions of views.

Mark Hyatt says he came home from work on Tuesday and made the startling discovery.

“Just as I entered the hallway, they were just there, right in front of me just dangling,” said Hyatt.

Two slithering snakes were intertwined with each other, hanging from the attic door.

Hyatt captured it on camera.

“First thing that I thought is, my dad would really get a kick out of this,” he said.

He stopped recording as he tried to get the snakes outside.

“I propped my front door open.  I set up a little barricade and then took the broom and kind of swatted them towards the path,” Hyatt described.

Unfortunately, it didn’t go as planned.

One of the snakes slithered back into the house three times as Hyatt tried to sweep it out the door.

Hyatt says he finally grabbed it and threw it as far as he could, shutting the door before it could come back.

“The other snake is still in my house.  I haven’t been able to find it since,” Hyatt said.

7News viewers had some witty advice for Hyatt.


Many encouraged him to get out. Others suggested he burn the house down.

Hyatt says he’s creeping around his home with caution.

“Last night I slept with all the lights on and took two Benadryl and just hoped for the best,” he said.

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