Trial for Kareem Turner wraps up ahead of the weekend

Kareem Turner (Photo: Norfolk police)

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — On Friday, the jury trial continued for a man accused of murder.

Police believe Kareem Turner is one of three men involved in the shooting death of Dajuan Glover in 2014.

Roy Turner, Kareem Turner’s cousin, and Joshua Wood were convicted of first degree murder and gun charges last year. Roy Turner was also convicted of robbery. He received a life sentence plus 23 years. Wood’s sentencing hearing is scheduled for July.

So far, there have been five days of witness testimony in the trial. Friday wrapped up with the prosecution attempting to put the ‘where’ with the ‘when’ for Kareem Turner in the murder of Dajuan Glover.

To present their case, the Commonwealth went through Kareem Turner’s cell phone calls from the morning of the murder. An expert witness pinpointed that Turner’s phone was used in the general area where Glover was shot and around the time Glover was shot.

Turner’s defense pointed out that there is no guarantee that Turner was the person using the phone.

A jailhouse informant also testified Friday. The witness testified that he spoke with a man who “looked like Kareem Turner” inside the Norfolk jail.

According to his testimony, the man who looked like Turner told him about his own involvement in a shooting over a dice game. That person told the informant, “I messed up and I think detectives found my gun.”

Once again, Turner’s defense countered by pointing out the Turner look-a-like never told the informant his name. The informant also testified that he only got a glimpse of the person.

The final witness for the prosecution was a fingerprint analyst. He testified that detectives found Turner’s prints, along with the two other suspects’ prints, on the same car. Inside that car, police found a gun, which they believe is Turner’s weapon.

The defense pointed out that detectives did not find Turner’s fingerprints on the gun.

Kareem Turner was previously charged in the murder of Norfolk Police Officer Victor Decker, but prosecutors withdrew those charges and Turner was released from jail in March 2014.

The prosecution rested and the court case ended for the week. The trial will resume Monday morning.

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