Local bikers rally against distracted driving

CHESAPEAKE, Va. (WAVY) — Christina Bowman-Weaver died in the accident after a motorcycle was hit by a car making an unsafe lane change on May 22.

On Saturday afternoon, a bevy of bikers gathered at the Skeleton Key Bar and Grille in Chesapeake. Despite their sadness, they had a message: “Stop driving distracted.”

“I feel like I’ve got an angel sitting on my shoulder,” Travis Godfrey the boyfriend of Bowman-Weaver said.

Saturday after her funeral, Godfrey described what started the worst week of his life.

“Last Sunday, the love of my life and I were driving down Route 13 on the Eastern Shore and we had a car pull out in front of us,” he said.

Godfrey drove the motorcycle that day. Christina rode on the back. Her sister Beth Zysk said what happened next turned deadly

“The driver of a car was distracted and swerved into their lane and caused them to go down,” Zysk said. “My sister was thrown from the bike and she was killed instantly.”

Less than a week later, her family, friends and her boyfriend came together to support each other. They are all part of a larger group, the local biker community. While Saturday was her funeral, they want to keep her memory alive in a way that will help all of them.

“In the summer time whenever the weather is nice, more bikes are on the road,” Godfrey explained.

The family wants to use her memory to remind everyone to be mindful of motorcycles on the highways.

“Put the phones down you gotta put the drink down,” Zysk said. “If you spill something in your car pull over and take care of it. That can be cleaned up, but a life can’t be brought back.”

It was a celebration of Christina’s life that is meant to urge all drivers to prevent this tragedy from happening to someone else.

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