Virginia Beach CA launches campaign warning against internet predators

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The Virginia Beach Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office has launched a new social media campaign warning of the dangers of internet predators.

The campaign, called “Always Online,” provides a guide for parents to monitor their children’s social media activity, and information on now they can protect their children against predators.

The Commonwealth’s Attorney’s Office notes that data from the Rochester Institute for Technology shows 14 percent of high schoolers have accepted an invitation to meet an online stranger or have invited a stranger to meet them.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Colin Stolle said, “The only way we can protect our children from online dangers is to stay involved, every day, with their online activity.”

Stolle’s office has also provided a list of social media apps that are popular with teens at the moment, including Kik and Tinder.

You can find that full list by clicking here.

There, you can also find tips on talking to kids about making smart choices online.

You can also check out a free software program called Computer Cop, which monitors internet activity and looks out for threats such as cyber bullying, gangs, drugs and predators. Parents can install the program on laptops or desktop computers. Visit any Virginia Beach Public Library to get a copy.

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