Mayfair Mews residents say complications still surround move out

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) — The Mayfair Mews Apartments, off of Birdneck Road, are set to be demolished and redeveloped. Last week, 10 On Your Side reported about the developers plan, which left current residents in a tough position.

Covington and Associates Realtors, which manages the complex, said Wednesday they are working to accommodate the residents. But the terms of the lease must be followed.

Mayfair Mews is where a Navy jet crashed in 2012. The crash destroyed several homes in the complex, fortunately no one died. Many who lived there at the time of the crash still live there today.

10 On Your Side has continued to follow up with residents, as well as city officials, since the initial story. Mayor Will Sessoms says he also checked in with Covington and Associates Realtors to make sure the transition goes smoothly.

President of the company, Joe Covington, says they are abiding by the lease residents signed. But it’s that lease that residents say are giving them trouble.

A letter from Covington says they have until July 31 to make alternative living arrangements. Tracy Shaw is one resident who found a new place to live right away. At first she was told she couldn’t leave her lease early. Then after 10 On Your Side’s initial report, Shaw said she got a call from the company saying she would be able to break her lease.

Shaw says she is still waiting to get her request in writing.

“You’re in limbo of when can you move out, can you move out, and if I have to move out, when,” said Shaw. “They’re still saying I’m obligated to the lease for May, June, and July.”

Another concern from residents was getting security deposits back to help with their move. Covington said legally they have 30 days to return security deposits back after an inspection; which is stated in the notice. The company does plans to get them back within 24 to 48 hours.

Virginia Beach’s Director of Housing, Andy Friedman, told 10 On Your Side his office will also reach out to residents. He says they can provide information, referrals and other types of assistance to residents if needed.

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