Crime sprees occur in two quiet Va. Beach neighborhoods

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – Neighbors in two quiet Virginia Beach communities contacted 10 On Your Side, concerned over apparent crime sprees.

Residents living in Ashville Park and nearby Pungo told 10 On Your Side that cars and other items are being stolen on a repeated basis.

Police confirmed that on three separate days this week, one car and two guns were stolen on Grandon Loop Road in the Ashville area. Neighbors report that a second vehicle was also taken, and many cars were rummaged through.

“I feel like I’ve been invaded,” said Susie Garner.

Jessica Oliver said she woke up Tuesday morning to a ransacked vehicle. The remote control for her garage door was missing.

“That’s what scared us,” she said. “We did find the remote control to the garage door in someone else’s yard though, so it was like they took some things and just scattered them around the neighborhood.”

Off-camera, 10 On Your Side spoke to one of the residents whose car was stolen. He said the car had not been locked, as is common in the seemingly safe neighborhood.

Residents have reportedly been using social media to warn one another about the thefts. Similar online communication is ongoing in nearby Pungo, where country roads haven’t seemed as calm lately, according to residents.

“There’s been a lot more noise in the evenings and the overnight hours,” said Christine Fisk. “In the last couple of months, there’s been really a lot more talk about these things happening.”

Neighbors around the Stone Road area report that two vehicles were stolen in recent weeks. Off-camera, we spoke with one of the victims, who said the vehicle was taken on Sun. May 8, and hasn’t been recovered.

“Nothing like that has ever happened out here before,” said neighbor Marianna Amidon. “We have no idea who’s doing this.”

In Pungo, neighbors told 10 On Your Side that everybody knows everybody, and neighbors look out for one another. Now, they’re on the lookout even more so.

“Somebody coming in here and just messing with our stuff… it’s not easy to take, because you don’t feel safe anymore,” Amidon said. “I hope they catch them.”

Police have provided very little information about the reports. 10 On Your Side is working to learn whether the incidents are believed to be connected, and whether police have any suspects.

Police say it is imperative to lock vehicles, remove spare keys and remove valuables from vehicles, especially guns.

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