Police in England catch some baaa-d criminals

Police have protected the identity of the sheep (Photo courtesy of West Midlands Police)

West Midlands, Birmingham, England (WAVY) – Police have arrested three suspects who were caught stealing sheep on Tuesday.

According to West Midlands Police, officers spotted the animals in the backseat of a Ford Galaxy in the early morning hours. Officers pursed the vehicle and moments later the suspects “rammed” into a parked car.

The suspects then tried to flee the area, but officers were able to “flock” to the scene with a K-9 unit. The “shear” determination of the officers paid off when they found the suspects hiding in a garden near the scene.

Three Romanian nationals were taken in custody.

Police are working to find the owner(s) of the sheep.

(Photo courtesy of West Midlands Police)
(Photo courtesy of West Midlands Police)

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