Local boxer Keyshawn Davis heads off to Olympic Training Camp

HAMPTON (WAVY) — 17-year-old Granby High School student Keyshawn Davis is a busy young man. Last night he was training at Heroes Headquarters in Hampton, one day before heading out west.

“I’m going to Colorado Springs for Olympic Training Camp,” Davis said.

Off to Colorado, to work out with some of the countries elite amateur boxers.

“The goal is to impress the coaches up there in sparring and training and just getting a good look so they can send me up there again,” said Davis.

“Not many children get this opportunity,” said Davis’s coach, Carlito Dennis. “He’s going to be working with Olympic coaches, Olympic athletes. Training is going to be intense, it’s going to be another level than what he is used to.”

USA Boxing ranks Davis as the 2nd best junior bantamweight in the country. He’s been at the sweet science since he was nine-years-old and he’s already been all over the country, piling up championship belts along the way.

“Boxing’s taken me to Missouri, California, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Florida,” Davis said. “I just enjoy the competition and traveling that comes with it and hard work, I just enjoy all that.”

Most kids Keyshawn’s age play football, basketball or soccer, so why boxing?

“It’s an independent sport, when you are in there in the ring you’re going against that person that’s in the ring with you,” Davis said. “You’re not going against another team. It’s just you and the person in there fighting and the best man wins.”

When Keyshawn is done training in Colorado Springs, he and coach Dennis will head off to a tournament in Texas, all while Keyshawn maintains the life of a high school kid.

“I’ve gotta stay up on my game in boxing,” Davis said. “Make sure I go to practice everyday Monday through Friday, sometimes weekends and plus staying on my grades. It’s challenging but I can do it.”

And Keyshawn is not the only member of the Davis family involved in boxing. His 13-year-old brother Keon is a rising star as well.

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