Neighbors speak out after deadly shooting on Golden Gate Drive

HAMPTON, Va. (WAVY) – The search continues for a killer after a late night triple shooting that turned deadly for one of the victims.

20-year-old Raheem Johnson was killed and two other victims were also shot; they were treated and released from a local hospital. The shooting happened at the Bridgeport Apartments. A few residents there so affected by the incident they want to move, and are looking to get out of leases.

The shooting on Golden Gate Drive left scores of bullet casings on the ground. Some went down in front of Anthony Pressley’s, and he spoke to 10 On Your Side.

“I heard people running, and I heard my wife yell ‘get the kids down on the ground, hurry. That’s when I knew something was going on,” says Presley.

In front of the Pressley’s apartment their car sit out front, shot up.

“There are six bullet holes, there are bullet holes in the side door, the back windshield got shot out, one of them went through the drivers seat, all the

Photo courtesy of WAVY viewer
Photo courtesy of WAVY viewer

way to the back. I’m not sure where that bullet ended up,” he says

Pressley was recording music at the time of the incident. He took off his headphones and heard the gunfire.

“It sounded like it was more than one gun, and it was just like pow, pow, pow, back-to-back. I thought kids were messing around with fireworks, but then people were running and screaming. I thought it had to be gunshots.”

Pressley sent his children to stay with a grandmother in Virginia Beach.

“It’s just crazy. You shouldn’t have to worry about stuff like that. You got nothing to do? Whatever the issue was, to come out in the open in populated places where kids are outside, and that is reckless,” he says.

Pressley wants out of his lease with Bridgeport Apartments, and so does Tamika Simmons who has lived here eight years. What impacted her the most was a picture found on our Facebook page of medics taking someone away on a gurney.

“I saw a man dead on a stretcher and it broke my heart,” Simmons says. “The crime is getting out of hand. This place seems to be a mark, and people are not as happy as we use to be. For me as a resident, I am not happy, I want to move, I want to move because of the crime. It happened in daytime, in broad daylight, and it’s just like a movie.”

Sadly and too often the case, it wasn’t a movie. It was real and one man is dead. As for the Pressley’s they only have liability insurance on their car, so the damage to their car which is extensive is all on them. Another example of the innocents impacted by crime in the neighborhood.

Also Monday night, a 28-year-old man was also hospitalized with a non life-threatening gunshot wound from a shooting on Chapel Street Monday evening.

Police say the two shootings are not related.

If you know anything about this incident, please call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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