Heavy rain causes flooding in Raleigh near Tryon Road

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Heavy rain plus saturated grounds created flooding in Raleigh near Tryon Road Thursday.

Fresenius Kidney Care Southwest Wake, a dialysis center, is located in the area. Police said the ambulance got caught in the water after dropping someone off at the center. Police said no one was stuck inside the ambulance.

Water spewed from drain pipes in downtown Raleigh after the heavy downpour Thursday.

But in south Raleigh, one area that often floods remained a concern.

Business owner Bill Ferenz said the flooding has happened for about two years.

“The city comes out and looks at it, and nothing has been done about it yet,” he said.

Riley Murphy, who works in the area, said of the rains and flooding “got pretty bad” and someone told him to move his car. He did, and was lucky – but others were not.

“This is probably the 10th time I’ve seen it flooded pretty bad, but by far this is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Murphy said.

Lindsey McMillian, who owns a floral design shop, took her flowers out of her store to protect them.

“They were in a cooler in the walk-in and I have to get them out,” she said. “They shut down the power if it floods and without power .. all the roses get ruined.”

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