Norfolk homicide suspect speaks from jail

Lawrence Brown says he got into a fight with the victim

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Lawrence Brown, the man accused of shooting and killing 31-year-old Deandre Raynor, spoke with 10 On Your Side from Norfolk City Jail, Monday evening.

Brown said he knew Raynor because they both lived in the Huntersville neighborhood of Norfolk. He also said the two got into a physical fight a few hours before the shooting on Friday.

Raynor was found dead in the intersection of O’Keefe and Fremont Streets on Friday evening around 7 p.m. According to police, Brown was arrested on Saturday.

“We just got in an argument, and the argument led to a fight,” said Brown on Monday evening.

After the fight, which was over giving someone a ride, Brown said Raynor and his brother came back looking for him.

“That’s when he and his brother started shooting,” said Brown. “And I’m just hiding behind cars. I heard multiple gunshots, which led to him getting shot. Which everybody is saying the police shot him, and after the fact, they’re trying to say somebody killed him.”

You can watch the full interview in the video below:

Police have said a man was shot by police at the scene, but it wasn’t the victim. When police found Raynor on the ground, they found another man with a gun near him, and they were forced to open fire. Friends and family said the man shot by police is Raynor’s older brother.

The victim’s girlfriend also told 10 On Your Side she knew Raynor had been in a fight on Friday, but she didn’t know who else was in the fight. Brown believes the fact that he got in a fight with Raynor, is what has led police to him.

“I know for a fact that the evidence shouldn’t be out there, because I didn’t shoot nobody,” said Brown. “I didn’t shoot no gun. I didn’t have no gun.”

Brown said he doesn’t know who shot and killed Raynor, because there were several people at the scene. He also said, he’s ready to let the process play out in court.

Brown’s first appearance in court is scheduled for early June.

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