Locally based Operation Blessing in Texas after deadly flooding

KATY, TX. (WAVY) —- Some drastic steps are being taken to help our neighbors in the south after the flooding in Houston. A local organization is getting ready to pitch in where they can for victims.

Several days after the rain fell, many neighborhoods are still under water. Eight people have been killed in the floods. Friday, water was released from dams with hopes of alleviating some of the issues.

Now, Hampton Roads based Operation Blessing is on the grounds to help the victims.

Mother Nature’s fury has rocked parts of Texas, including a small town called Katy, which is outside of Houston. It’s an all too familiar scene for thousands living in the Lone Star State. Hearlean Hart, 70, says her house filled with two feet of water.

“It was just so fast- it all happened so fast,” said Hart. “I was thinking that I couldn’t swim and how could I get out fast enough because it was just coming so fast.”

She agreed to Skype with 10 on Your Side just days after water damaged her home. Hart says her son likely saved her life.

“When we opened the door the water rushed and we rushed right on and he was holding onto me,” said Hart. “The people that are here has helped me a lot. Yes, they have.”

The people Hart is talking about are the volunteers from Operation Blessing. Volunteers from Virginia Beach are ripping out sheet rock, rugs and answering Ms. Harts prayers, she says.

Dan Moore is the Director with the U.S. Disaster Relief Operation Blessing, and he says he will do anything he can to help the victims.

“This is a home that we wanted to prioritize because she is a widow, with a special needs child and has no flood insurance.” said Moore. “As she walked through the house she kept going room by room saying I don’t know how to do this and I don’t know where to start.”

From start to finish, volunteers will be with this widow and mother until she can get back on her feet. Hart says the name fits – a blessing.

Hart will be staying with a friend for a while until her house is gutted and restored. There are about ten people from Operation Blessing in Texas right now and they plan to stay until their work is finished.

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