Peaches, mixed fruit sold at Walgreens recalled for possible glass

Photo Credit: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

DEERFIELD, Ill. (WATE) – Peach slices and mixed fruits sold in 8-ounce glass jars at Walgreens stores nationwide have been recalled because there may be glass in the product, potentially causing cuts or injuries.

Milky Way International Trading Corp. is recalling the jars, sold under the brand name Nice! Peach Slices and Nice! Mixed Fruits. So far, there has been once complaint about glass in peaches, but no complaints about the mixed fruit.

Remaining affected product has been removed from store shelves, but if you have already purchased it, you should return it to the place of purchase for a refund.

The voluntary recall is limited to specific production codes, which can be found on the neck of the jars:

Item # 80894 Nice! Brand Peach Slices in Light Syrup 8oz

Lot number                            Bottle Label UPC                                    Case UPC
3700/01069 12/15/2017      0-49022-80894-2                                      100-49022-80894-9

Item # 80896 Nice! Brand Mixed Fruit in Light Syrup 8oz

Lot number                            Bottle Label UPC                                   Case UPC
3700/01069 12/08/2017      0-49022-80896-6                                     100-49022-80896-3

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