Virginia Beach man sentenced to 21 years in malicious wounding case

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WAVY) – 25-year-old John Willie Parker Jr. was sentenced to 21 years in prison Wednesday for a shooting that happened in April of 2014.

Parker was found guilty in September of 2015 of  charges of malicious wounding, use of firearm, shooting from a vehicle and maliciously shooting at an occupied building.

Evidence proved that Parker and some friends went to a party in the College Park neighborhood. At some point an argument happened and Parker and his friends were asked to leave. Parker then returned and began shooting from a red car towards the direction of the party. A victim, unknown to Parker, was struck in the back.

The victim survived but still has the bullet lodged in his back.

After the shooting, a couple were leaving a friend’s house in the neighborhood. As they passed the red car, it pulled up behind them and Parker began shooting at their car. The couple sped off to the nearest gas station and the red car fled in another direction. Numerous vehicles and homes in the area were hit with bullets.

The couple was not injured.

Later that evening, the red car showed up to a local hospital with an occupant suffering from a gunshot wound. The red car had several bullet holes in it. Parker came to the hospital with the injured passenger and was interviewed by police.

Parker admitted to being at the party and to leaving after getting into an argument. Parker stated that people from the party were firing at him and he fired back; however, forensic evidence proved he fired first. He drove with police to his home and gave them two guns he had used in the shooting that evening.

Parker’s sentence includes eight years suspended, leaving him 13 years to serve. He was also ordered to pay $1, 354,500 in restitution.

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