Virginia Tech professor: Flint water still not safe to drink

BLACKSBURG (WSLS 10) – The water in Flint, Michigan is still not safe to drink.

That’s according to Virginia Tech Professor Marc Edwards, who is a nationally renowned expert on municipal water quality and credited with helping expose the high lead levels in the city’s water.

The Flint Water Study team released results of its second round of testing at a news conference Tuesday on Virginia Tech’s Blacksburg campus.

“The system is slowly improving,” Edwards said. “The more the residents use the water, the faster the system will heal.”

During March’s spring break, a team of VT engineering students worked with residents led by Lee-Anne Walters, a former Flint resident, to collect water samples for second round of lead and iron testing.

Two weeks ago, Flint homeowners were sent a personal letter from the Flint Water Study team with their individual results.

While the tests do show improvement, those in Flint should continue to use water filters and drink from bottled water. Testing by the EPA has confirmed that the lead filters distributed in Flint reduce water lead to below 3 ppb even in homes with the worst lead.

Virginia Tech’s student team had previously worked with Flint residents in a historic sampling in summer 2015 that demonstrated serious lead in water contamination

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