Norfolk Police launch excessive force investigation

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY ) – Norfolk Police have launched an investigation into the allegations of excessive force. Read the comments from police here.

10 On Your Side looked into a claim of excessive force by police in Norfolk.

An Ocean View man said a Norfolk police officer slammed his face into the pavement breaking his tooth. He said they wanted to question him about a crime. Then he claimed it happened again almost a week later.

On March 22, 21-year-old Bryant Stith was walking along Ocean View Avenue when he saw police looking for suspects in a car theft.

“They just stopped me and was like, ‘Hey! Come here,’” Stith said.

Stith knew not to run, but he didn’t expect what he claimed happened next.

“The other police officer grabbed my arm and they tried to push me against the car,” he explained. “They put my chest on the car hood.”

Stith said two Norfolk police officers used excessive force on him that morning and slammed him onto the pavement. When that happened, Stith said he chipped his tooth. Afterwards, he went down to the police headquarters and filed a complaint.

“The sergeant interviewed me and told me that something was going to happen to the police officers,” he said. “But he can’t tell me exactly what’s going to happen to them.”

Then a week later after the first incident, he claims it happened again. This time he was walking outside of a 7-Eleven when he said two officers asked for his identification; he refused. This time as officers were putting their hands on him he resisted.

“He just grabbed me and then they just like put me in the cop car,” he said. “Then they put the handcuffs on me they kinda scratched my wrists up a little bit.”

After that encounter with police, officers charged him with resisting arrest and failure to produce his ID.

Norfolk Police tell 10 On Your Side they are investigating the incidents internally. The spokesperson said both sets of officers wore body cameras. The department is reviewing that footage and Stith’s claims. If there is any wrongdoing found the officers will be disciplined.

10 On Your Side asked if we could view the body camera video, but we were told that would not be possible.

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